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Equitable Housing Finance

The Equitable Housing Finance program seeks to identify and address barriers to sustainable housing opportunities for homeowners and renters through meaningful actions and public engagement.

Enterprises’ Equitable Housing Finance Plan

The Enterprises publish a three-year Equitable Housing Finance Plan (EHFP) developed with public engagement and adopted by each Enterprise describing how each Enterprise will overcome barriers to sustainable housing opportunities faced by one or more underserved communities through objectives, meaningful actions, and measurable goals. FHFA also requires the Enterprises to publish annual performance reports on the actions undertaken during the prior year to implement their plans.

Since releasing the Equitable Housing Finance Plans in June 2022, the Enterprises have made critical progress towards ensuring all borrowers and renters have access to fair, sustainable, and equitable housing opportunities. The Plans actions have served close to 2.6 million families by empowering consumers with education, reducing closing costs, introducing innovation into the underwriting system, combating appraisal bias, and ensuring sustainable housing. New actions for 2024, including a focus on first-generation homebuyers, will continue to ensure the Enterprises are focused on producing meaningful benefits for consumers who have been shut out of the housing finance system.

The plans operate in three-year cycles, and with the current cycle culminating in 2024, FHFA is reporting on the Enterprises’ second year (2023) performance and third year (2024) goals. EHFP activities are subject to FHFA review and oversight of any risks to or impacts on the safety and soundness of the housing finance market.

Latest on the EHFPs

Public Engagement

With the next three-year cycle (2025-2027) about to begin, FHFA will once again seek stakeholder and public feedback on the Plans through a Request for Information and listening session. We expect to hold a public listening session in June 2024, and anticipate releasing the next Equitable Housing Finance Plans in January 2025.

2024 Listening Sessions

Date: June 5, 2024

Time: 1:00 PM EDT - 4:00 PM EDT

Location: Virtual

Past Listening S​essions

FHLBanks Equitable Housing Finance Plan

FHFA requires the Banks to report on any meaningful actions voluntarily taken to support underserved communities, or provide notice that none such actions were taken.


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