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Workforce Ombuds Person

FHFA has an Inter-Agency Agreement with the McCammon Group to provide Ombuds-related services to the FHFA Workforce. According to the Charter, the McCammon Group Ombuds provides a confidential space in which any employee, supervisor, or leader can express concerns for any type of workplace issue, including concerns of behavior that are antithetical to the FHFA FAIR values. Ombuds use informal approaches to work with individuals, groups, and leaders while also continually assessing the culture and climate of their respective organizations by understanding how people communicate with each other; understanding how people and the organization are making sense of workplace conflict (e.g., identifying, addressing, and perceiving conflict); identifying trends and patterns; and helping the organization address systemic problems.

The Ombuds person is a designated systems leader serving as a confidential, independent, impartial/neutral, and informal resource for the FHFA community.

To contact the Workforce Ombuds Person:


Page Last Updated: 9/12/2023​​​​​​