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Enterprises Equitable Housing Finance Plans 2023 Public Listening Session

On June 15, 2023 FHFA hosted a public listening session to solicit interim feedback on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s (the Enterprises) 2022-2024 Equitable Housing Finance Plans. In April 2023, the Enterprises released their annual update to the 3-Year plan, and in 2024, will release the final annual update and performance report for the 2022-2024 plan cycle. The updates build upon the inaugural plans first announced last year and make adjustments based on initial research and findings. The Equitable Housing Finance Plans are designed to complement the initiatives outlined in FHFA’s Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 2022–2026 that promote the Enterprises’ safety and soundness and foster housing finance markets that provide equitable access to affordable and sustainable housing.

Listening Session Agenda (6/15/2023)​

Listening Session Transcript​ (6/15/2023)