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Harassment Prevention Program

FHFA will not tolerate harassment or inappropriate conduct of any kind. Timely and appropriate action will be taken against any individual found to be in violation of FHFA Harassment prevention policy. FHFA has designated OEOF as the entity charged with receiving harassment concerns and overseeing the appropriate administrative review.

FHFA has engaged the services of a contractor to perform intake and conduct administrative inquiries regarding harassment concerns covered by the FHFA Anti-Harassment Policy, Procedures, and Responsibilities.

Employees and contractors may contact 202-649-3500 or to report allegation​s of harassment. An employee can report harassing behavior to his or her supervisor/manager, the OHRM Director, or to OEOF. In addition, supervisors and managers are required to report harassing behavior that they become aware of, that is brought to their attention, or that they observe.

Please note that individuals can be in both the EEO complaint process and the FHFA anti-harassment process simultaneously.

​Filing a harassment concern:

A harassment concern may be requested by contacting or by calling (202) 649-3500. To file a complaint using our online harassment process system and initiate an inquiry into the concern, click FILE A HARASSMENT CONCERN.


Page Last Updated: 9/20​/2023​​​​​