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Rulemaking/Notice Number:
DateFirstLastOrganizationComment / InputAttachments
11/28/2016StevenHaubnerIllinois Credit Union League See attached letter. Yes
11/28/2016  American Mutual Share Insurance Corporation See attached. Yes
11/28/2016AndrewPriceCUNA See attached. Yes
11/28/2016JohnMcKenzieIndiana Credit Union League ICUL Comment Letter attached Yes
11/28/2016DianaDykstraCalifornia and Nevada Credit Union Leagues--supplemental letter See attached. Yes
11/28/2016SuzanneYashewskiCornerston Credit Union League See attached. Yes
11/25/2016DianaDykstraCalifornia and Nevada Credit Union Leagues See attached. Yes
11/18/2016StephenTraynorFederal Home Loan Bank San Francisco See attached Yes
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