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    FHFA gathers and analyzes comprehensive data on the housing markets, providing critical information to guide policy decisions and inform the public.

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Shawn Bucholtz

Chief Data Officer

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We are committed to increasing transparency in the housing finance markets.

We actively promote the dissemination of information that will improve the public’s understanding of housing finance markets and thereby the efficiency of the market.

FHFA publishes an indicator of single-family house price trends at various geographic levels called the House Price Index (HPI) and a variety of other housing finance-related data sets.

Downloadable Data

Downloadable data sets include:  Conforming Loan Limits, Duty to Serve, Enterprise Housing Goals, Fair Lending, Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLBank) Member, FHLBank Stress Tests for Market and Credit Risk, FHFA House Price Index (FHFA HPI®), Market Data, MIRS Transition Index, National Mortgage Database Aggregate Data (National Mortgage Database (NMDB®)), National Survey of Mortgage Originations, Public Use Databases, and Underserved Areas Data

Developer Resources

FHFA catalog on Data.gov presents two main data sets - the FHFA HPI and the Federal Home Loan Bank Members and they are available in CSV, JSON, XML, SQL.



Economists, policy analysts, and others within FHFA engage in a wide array of research activities.  We make reports that focus on mortgage markets trends and a variety of market health indicators available to the public.


FHFA Stats Blog

The Stats Blog highlights how FHFA uses data to monitor the health of the nation’s housing markets. Each blog post focuses on a single aspect of the housing market, offering critical insights on data availability, usage, and limitations.

FHFA Stats blog



FHFA HPI Top 100 Metro Area Rankings

Conforming Loan Limits Map



Conforming Loan Limits Map Thumbnail              

FHFA HPI Four-Quarter Appreciation Map              

FHFA HPI County Map

HPI 4Q Appreciation Map Thumbnail              

County Map           


Borrower Assistance Map              

ZIP5 Map           

Borrower Assistance Map Thumbnail           

FHFA HPI Calculator

FHFA HPI Summary Tables

HPI Calculator Thumbnail            HPI Summary Tables Thumbnail            

FHFA HPI Motion Chart

Duty to Serve High-Needs Counties Map

HPI Motion Chart Thumbnail      


HPI Summary Tables Thumbnail              

2018-2020 Duty to Serve High-Needs Counties with
Rural Tracts Map

​Duty to Serve 2018 Single Family Dashboard

Duty to Serve High-Needs Counties with Rural Tracts Map               

2018 Duty to Serve Single Family Dashboard image of United States

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