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About the Office of Financial Technology

Introduction: Fintech in Housing Finance and FHFA

FHFA’s Office of Financial Technology (Fintech) supports the Agency’s efforts to understand technology-driven developments in housing finance and the associated risks, and to facilitate the development of responsible innovation in FHFA’s regulated entities, which include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises) and the Federal Home Loan Bank System. The Fintech Office serves as a centralized information clearinghouse and resource for the Agency on mortgage-related innovations, general trends, and emerging risks in the use of fintech.

FHFA views fintech as the application of new technologies to the production or provision of financial products and services. Fintech in the mortgage finance space can include, among other things, the application of new technologies and digital processes to:

​mortgage tec​h​​

mortgage origination, underwriting, servicing, investment, and other associated business activities, also known as “mortgage tech”;


researching, transacting, and managing real estate, also known as “proptech”; and


​regulation and compliance, also known as “regtech”.

The Office of Financial Technology incorporates the principle of “responsible innovation” into its activities, balancing the value of new ideas, products, and operational approaches with the need for effective risk management and governance. The Fintech Office engages internally through the FHFA Fintech Working Group, consisting of Agency leadership and experts across divisions and offices. The Fintech Office will be looking to engage externally with market participants, industry, non-profits, consumer groups, and academia in the coming months to facilitate the sharing of best practices and establish ongoing outreach and dialogue.

Request for Information

In conjunction with the establishment of the Office of Financial Technology, FHFA is soliciting public input on the role of technology in housing finance, broadly seeking to understand the current landscape of potential innovations throughout the mortgage lifecycle and related processes, risks, and opportunities. FHFA also seeks input on how the Agency can most constructively interact with other stakeholders to facilitate responsible innovation, including the identification of any barriers to or challenges in implementing fintech in the housing finance ecosystem, while also focusing on supporting equity in the housing finance landscape for both homeowners and renters.

RFI: Fintech in Housing Finance

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​Connect with Us

To ask questions or request a meeting with the FHFA Office of Financial Technology, please email fintech@fhfa.gov.

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Meet the Team

Ja​son Cave
Deputy Director
Division of Conservatorship Oversight and Readiness (DCOR)

Anne Marie Pippin
Associate Director, DCOR
Office of Governance and Strategic Initiatives
Office of Financial Technology

Liang Jensen
Senior Financial Analyst, DCOR
Office of Governance and Strategic Initiatives
Office of Financial Technology

Contact Information


E​mail: Fintech@fhfa.gov

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