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On January 12, 2023 FHFA issued Non-Objections to the Enterprises’ modifications to their 2022 Underserved Markets Plans. Under the Duty to Serve regulation and FHFA's Evaluation Guidance, an Enterprise may propose to modify its Plan at any point if future events affect its ability to achieve the Plan's original objectives. The activities proposed by the Enterprises are subject to FHFA review and approval to ensure compliance with the Enterprises' Charter Acts, safety and soundness, and other conservatorship and regulatory requirements. Learn more about the modified Underserved Market Plans. Learn more about the modified Underserved Market Plans.

​If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to DutyToServeStakeholders@FHFA.gov.

​What's New?​

Questions and Answers Questions and Answers

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currentproposedplans (1).png2022-2024 Underserved Market Plans

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2021 Annual Reports

​2021 Annual Report

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currentevaluationguidance.pngEvaluation Guidance 

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Final Rule​​

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annualreport.png Enterprise Annual Reports

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finalrule.png Annual Housing Report​​

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Annual Report to Congress

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Data and Tools​​​

2021-DTS-Single-Family-Dashboard.png Access datasets and interactive maps​ on the DTS Eligibility Data Page for DTS-qualifying rural areas, Indian areas, high opportunity areas, and areas of concentrated poverty. Also, access information and dashboards on the DTS Performance Data Page.

​Below is a link to the Single-Family Dashboard for 2021. This interactive map looks at the share of Enterprise single-family loans located in Duty to Serve Manufactured Housing, Rural, and High-needs Rural areas at the state and county levels.

2021 DTS Single-Family Dashboard​





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Use the drop-down menus to submit comments on 2022 proposed modifications or provide general input on the Duty to Serve program, or to view previously submitted comments.

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Want to learn more about how the DTS program works? Learn about the underserved markets, process timeline, plan structure, statutory and regulatory activities, evaluation process, and more.

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​Meet the Team

Arun Barman
Duty to Serve Senior Economist
Marcea Barringer
Duty to Serve Supervisory Policy Analyst
Lauren Boyd
Duty to Serve Policy Analyst

Rebecca Cohen
Duty to Serve Senior Policy Analyst
Mike Price
Duty to Serve Senior Policy Analyst
Toi Roberts
Duty to Serve Program Analyst
Joshua Sagartz
Duty to Serve Policy Analyst

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