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Request for Information Submissions
03/31/2021PatriciaRogowskiWells Fargo Yes
02/27/2021KennethYasinskiAppraiser Answers to questions and commentary uploaded Yes
02/27/2021ErnestDurbinDurbin.com Individual Response Yes
02/27/2021Earnie Durbin  Attached is my response to the RFI. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or... Yes
02/26/2021JeffBradfordBradford Technologies In the attached file are my comments/suggestions to the questions posed in the RFI Yes
02/26/2021DavidSpectorPennyMac Please find our response to the RFI on appraisal-related policies, practices, and processes. Yes
02/26/2021James PrivetteNational association of real estate Brokers See attached Yes
02/26/2021MatthewRobertsCalifornia Association of REALTORS Attached is the comment letter from the California Association of REALTORS on the FHFA's RFI on Appr... Yes
02/26/2021KevinJacksonChicago Rehab Network These comments are also attached in a formal letter with live links. The REQUEST FOR INFORMATION ... Yes
02/26/2021Tanya DeLia Freddie Mac Attached please find Freddie Mac's response to the Appraisal RFI Yes
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