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01/17/2018AnnSchnareAB Schnare Associates Please see attached file Yes
01/10/2018JeremyWebsterCentreBank My #1 suggestion, far and away, regarding credit scores - the credit score that a consumer sees when... No
01/09/2018VanessaBensonReal Estate Broker My concern is also with the poor people that have been victims of identity fraud having their credit... No
01/06/2018JenniferFergusonWest USA Realty I always thought it was odd that the FICO score gave more weight and a higher score to folks whose c... No
01/05/2018RobertSchwabFinance of America As a veteran of the mortgage industry (33 years on the retail origination side) I believe make a cha... No
01/05/2018PaulaHuhnWeichert Financial I wanted to put an opinion in on this subject as I see it often since as a loan officer I have the c... No
01/04/2018marianfieldingParker Real Estate curious No
01/04/2018DaraDuguayCredit Builders Alliance Attached is our public comment statement. Yes
12/31/2017JosephZambitoConsumer I have RENTED a home the past 9 years with NO late rent or utility payments; However, this is on f... No
12/29/2017Jackson R. HortonHortonPlaces Platform FICO and payment history were not predictive of the risk of default. A new approach is required. Yes
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