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10/21/2016Indemnification Payments; Correction and Extension of Comment PeriodRIN 2590-AA68Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
10/18/2016Minority and Women Inclusion AmendmentsRIN 2590-AA78Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
09/20/2016Indemnification PaymentsRIN 2590-AA68Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
08/01/2016Margin and Capital Requirements for Covered Swap Entities - Exemptions Final RuleRIN 2590-AA45Final Rule
07/05/2016Incentive-based Compensation Arrangements Correction2590-AA42Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
05/26/2016Technical and Conforming Changes and Corrections to FHFA Regulations2590–AA80Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
04/26/2016Incentive-based Compensation Arrangements2590-AA42Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
04/18/2016Orders: Reporting by Regulated Entities of Stress Testing Results as of December 31, 20152016-N-05Notice
02/22/2016Rules of Practice and Procedure; Civil Money Penalty Inflation Adjustment2590-AA77Final Rule
12/24/2015Technical Amendments: FHFA Address and Zip Code Change2590-AA79Final Rule
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