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DateFirstLastOrganizationComment / InputAttachments
10/18/2018AndrewDavidsonAD&Co See attached response. Yes
09/11/2018TimothyHowardFannie Mae (retired) Attached is my comment on FHFA's proposed capital rule for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Yes
09/05/2018  Community Home Lenders Association (CHLA) See attached. Yes
08/30/2018  Meeting with Arch Capital Services, Inc. See attached meeting summary Yes
08/27/2018HoldenWalker III  The proposed Enterprise Capital Requirements are acceptable as written and will protect taxpayers in... No
08/22/2018Capital Requirements based on Utility and General Utility and General Business Models  Capital Requirements based on Utility and General business Models For the purpose of determining ... No
08/17/2018XanderArena  I've now followed the saga of Fannie/Freddie bailout and conservatorship for nearly a decade, and am... No
08/07/2018JeffreyWoodPersonal Since Fannie and Freddie are not banks, they should not be capitalized as banks and should not even ... No
08/03/2018  Meeting with Walker & Dunlop, Inc. See attached meeting summary Yes
08/01/2018LandonParsonsMoelis & Company LLC See attached comment Yes
07/28/2018MichaelMontague  For 10 years the Gov has put the taxpayers at risk, 2008 Gov invested 184 billion to GSE'S with a 10... No
07/27/2018FHFAFHFA  FHFA has received 2 submissions from individuals and entities on the Enterprise Capital Requirements... Yes
07/26/2018CarlosVignote  I have the impression that the Credit Risk is duplicated for the Retained Portfolio in the Market Ri... No
07/26/2018FHFAFHFAMeeting with Moelis & Company LLC See attached meeting summary Yes
07/18/2018CarlosVignote  Is the FHFA a Moelis Shop? This proposed rule is another example. It was presented on June 2018 but ... No
07/17/2018FannieFreddieOwner Thank you Very much for getting around to putting capital standards out there for Fannie and Freddie... No
07/09/2018AndrewDavidsonAndrew Davidson & Co., Inc. See attached pdf Yes
07/08/2018GreenWest  The capital standards must be adequate, reasonable and as close as possible to a real scenario that ... No
07/08/2018JohnJohn  As rightly recognized by FHFA, FnF are specialized insurance companies. Core capital requiremen... No
07/07/2018GordonLane  My comment as a real estate and stock investor is that I strongly support a Financial Market Utility... No
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