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Fred Hamm
Long Beach
private citizen
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85 FR 39274
12 CFR Part 1240
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All the complexity and controversy that surrounds the recapitalization of the GSEs (and conservatorship in general  has been a manufactured dilemma "full of sound and fury signifying nothing" to obfuscate what is essentially, when distilled to its essence, a nationalization facilitated by the corruption of established law. Strip a way the smoke, mirrors and misdirection and what is left is nothing more than a simple taking of private property. A principled high school student could have long solved this "dilemma" which, with a little help from its creators, has now evolved into a financial Rubik's Cube requiring, in president Trump's words, financial "geniuses".

A simple and just solution has always existed. Return everything that was unfairly appropriated from the companies throughout the years without even a token regard to "good faith dealing". 

Truth needs to be voiced whether its cries are heard or not.

GSE shareholder, retired vet, taxpayer 

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