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DTS 2020 Enterprise Quarterly and Annual Reports

To enable FHFA's evaluations, each Enterprise submits quarterly and annual reports detailing its actions and progress toward achieving the objectives in its Plan. FHFA makes these quarterly and annual reports public, omitting any confidential and proprietary information. These reports contain the Enterprises’ views on their Duty to Serve activities and do not necessarily reflect FHFA’s views.

In 2020, FHFA conducted virtual meetings with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to supplement the information provided by the Enterprises in their annual reports. 

FHFA has evaluated Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s 2020 Duty to Serve performance under their first Duty to Serve Plans, which covered the 2018-2020 period. FHFA has determined that each Enterprise complied with its Duty to Serve requirements in all three underserved markets in 2020. In addition, FHFA finds that each Enterprise performed a satisfactory job of increasing the liquidity and distribution of available capital in each of the three underserved markets.

In early 2020, FHFA issued Evaluation Guidance 2020-4a, which includes changes to the evaluation process and rating scale for Enterprise Duty to Serve performance effective for the 2021 performance year. These changes were based on experience in the initial years of the program and changing priorities of FHFA. The major changes are intended to increase the impact of the program and include simplified partial credit calculations, a higher threshold to receive a rating of “Complies,” a higher minimum impact score requirement for extra credit, and a reduced extra credit adjustment. FHFA intends to release more granular ratings under Evaluation Guidance 2020-4a when the recalibrated rating scale goes into effect for the 2021 performance year.

Highlights of the Enterprises' 2020 performance are published in FHFA's 2021 Annual Housing Report to Congress. Data on the Enterprises' 2020 Duty to Serve-qualifying loan purchases is available on the Data and Tools section of the Duty to Serve page.


Fannie Mae

Manufactured Housing

Type ​Description ​Report
Manufactured homes titled as real property
Manufactured homes titled as personal property (chattel)
Manufactured home communities (MHCs) owned by a governmental entity, non-profit organization or residents
Manufactured home communities (MHCs) with certain tenant pad lease protections


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