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National survey of mortgage ORIGINATIONS

If you are here, you probably received our letter asking for your help with an important national survey of mortgage borrowers about their mortgage experiences.

If you obtained a mortgage to purchase or refinance either a personal home or a home for someone else, such as a rental property, we would like to know more about your experience in obtaining that mortgage.  Learning directly from borrowers about their experiences will provide valuable information about the functioning of the mortgage market that will help us improve lending practices and the mortgage process for future borrowers.

This survey is jointly sponsored by the Federal Housing Finance Agency and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), two Federal agencies that are working together to improve the safety and transparency of the lending process for all consumers.

The responses to this survey will remain anonymous.  The questionnaire does not ask you for any identifying information, so please do not identify yourself in any way on the envelope or the returned questionnaire. The code numbers on the survey are there to aid in the scanning process and keep track of returned surveys.

We greatly appreciate your effort to answer and return the questionnaire and thank you for your help with this important national survey.

For those who have been selected to be a part of the survey, it can be completed online. 

Go to: www.NSMOsurvey.com and enter your personal PIN number that was included in the cover letter.

If you have any questions about this survey, please feel free to call us at 855-339-7877.

We look forward to hearing from you.

This survey is in support of the National Mortgage Database project.

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