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Find out if your loan is
backed by Fannie Mae
 or Freddie Mac:

Fannie Mae
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Or call: 800-7FANNIE
(8 am to 8 pm ET)

Freddie Mac
Loan Look-up Tool
Or call: 800-FREDDIE
(8 am to 8 pm ET)

Note: If your address does not appear in the Look-up Tool of either site, your loan is not owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and you are not eligible for the program.

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Did someone say "NO?"
If a lender says you are not eligible for HARP, ask for specific reasons why. If you have good reason to believe you are eligible, ask to speak to the HARP specialist, or consider talking with a different lender. It never hurts to get a second opinion.


Looking to refinance an underwater mortgage?


What is HARP?

HARP – the Home Affordable Refinance Program – was introduced in 2009 by FHFA as part of Making Home Affordable®. The program allows homeowners who have seen a drop in their home value and are underwater refinance into better mortgage terms.

Through HARP, you can get a lower interest rate, get a shorter loan term or change from an adjustable to a fixed-rate mortgage. HARP has seen significant enhancements since its launch and guidelines have been streamlined, making it easier for people to qualify.

If you are current on your mortgage, have a mortgage that is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and owe as much or more than your home is currently worth, you may be eligible for HARP refinancing.

The end date to get a refinance through HARP has been extended to December 2018.

Find out if you are eligible

You may qualify for HARP if you meet these requirements:

  • You are current on your mortgage, with no 30-day+ late payments in the last six months and no more than one in the past 12 months.

  • Your home is your primary residence, a 1-unit second home or a 1- to 4-unit investment property.

  • Your loan is owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. Use the Loan Look-up Tools below if you are unsure.

  • Your loan was originated on or before May 31, 2009. By using the Loan Look-up Tools below, this date will be made available to you.

  • Your current loan-to-value (LTV) ratio must be greater than 80%. Calculate your LTV ratio with this tool.

Get started

If you are eligible to refinance your mortgage through HARP, you’ll go through an application, approval and closing process (similar to when you got your original mortgage). A HARP lender will work with you through every step, and will help determine if HARP meets your specific needs. Outlined below are three steps to get you started.

STEP 1: Gather your financial information.
Make sure you have your basic financial and loan information on hand when you call your mortgage company. You’ll need:

  • Your mortgage statements, including information on a second mortgage (if applicable); and

  • Your income details (paystub or income tax return).

STEP 2: Contact your mortgage company
Ask if they are an approved HARP lender. Since you are a current customer, your lender already has your loan file. However, they will need you to provide the information necessary to verify your current source of your income.


Contact a HARP lender.


Find a list of approved HARP lenders at one of these pages. Tell them you are interested in refinancing, and you want to see if you qualify for HARP.

Fannie Mae Loans: List of Approved Vendors
Freddie Mac Loans: List of Approved Vendors

STEP 3: Go through the application, approval and closing process.
If your lender determines that you do qualify for HARP, they will guide you through the application, approval and closing process.

For more information on HARP visit HARP.gov

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