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Shopping for a mortgage?
Tips for Homebuyers

Are you ready to purchase a property? If you’re a first-time homebuyer you may have a lot of questions or may just need a refresher if you already own a home. Below we have compiled resources to help you navigate the mortgage market and help you make the best decisions.

  • The Federal Reserve put together 5 tips for shopping for a mortgage, from ways to find out what you can afford to comparing loans, loan options and understanding fees.

  • The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection compiled an overview of new rules established by the federal government to help prevent future housing crises, including what information is required from you, how a home’s value is determined and what a lender can offer.

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Protect your property!
Tips for Homeowners

Even after you’ve gone through the process of buying a home, you may still have questions. And with federal rules being reviewed and enhanced on a regular basis, and personal financial situations changing, below you’ll find resources to help you protect your property.

  • For those not able to make monthly payments and facing foreclosure, Homeowner's Guide to Success; a publication released through a public-private partnership between federal agencies and industry partners may provide assistance. 

  • The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection compiled an overview of federal rules to support you as you manage your mortgage payments, including improved billing information, what to do if you have trouble paying your mortgage and what support is required from your servicer.

  • The Federal Reserve put together tips to protect your home from foreclosure. If you are unable to pay your mortgage, don’t ignore your problem, get smart and talk to your lender or housing counselor right away.

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