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Get smart on the housing market.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned homebuyer or already own a home, you may want to learn more about the financial impact and process of buying and owning a home. In this section, you will find helpful resources to better help you navigate the mortgage market. From shopping for a mortgage to understanding federal rules, Tips for Homebuyers will provide the groundwork for those buying a property.

But even after a home purchase has been made, there may be more questions and a personal financial situation may change that jeopardizes your home. Tips for Homeowners includes resources to help you understand your mortgage and prevent foreclosures.

Unfortunately, many good programs and opportunities are abused by scam artists. You will find tips to help you avoid scams and resources if you encounter or already are a victim of a scam under Avoid Scams.   To learn how to prevent coronavirus-related scams, visit the Coronavirus Fraud Prevention page.

The mortgage market is a complex field. Homeowners and homebuyers deal with the primary mortgage market, but FHFA regulates and supervises elements of the secondary mortgage market.

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