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Accessibility Help
Special Instructions for users with disabilities, keyboard users, and screen reader technologies.
  1. Data visualization graph/chart navigation: This section presents the data visually in graph/chart format. The information contained within is fully provided in the export/copy/print features as well as the searchable table. Special note: the keyboard navigation does pass through this section and will provide a link to a HTML based table. You may use the link, but it is not recommended. Due to limitations beyond FHFA's control, the HTML table does not provide user friendly table headers. Please use alternative methods described below.
  2. Three buttons for export/copy/print navigation: To obtain a text-based table of the data, users of a screen reader should limit themselves to "Export to CSV", and "Copy". Each of these buttons provide a text-based table to use in Excel, or other user-selected product that accepts CSV files. The copy feature allows the user to paste the text-based data in any product they choose. If you are using a screen reader, avoid using the Export to PDF, PowerPoint & Print buttons. These will render an image of the graph, not accessible as with the text-based alternatives described.
  3. Searchable table navigation: This table is fully accessible via a keyboard & assistive technology. One thing to note: testing shows that the table is not recognized by assistive technology as a data table that you would typically find on an HTML page, but it is navigable via traditional keyboard/assistive technology methods for tables.

If you require special assistance with navigation, please contact the FHFA Webmaster at , 202-649-3813, TTY users should use #711.


Uniform Appraisal Data The Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) Aggregate Data includes summary statistics derived from aggregating UAD appraisal records. This dataset is derived from the UAD, which is a standardized industry dataset for appraisal information that is provided electronically to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises) through the Uniform Collateral Data Portal® (UCDP®). The UAD was first developed in 2010 by the Enterprises at the direction of FHFA. The UAD Aggregate Data File is intended for advanced users that utilize statistical software to extract and analyze data. The data contains variables categorizing appraisals by year or quarter, home characteristics, and geographic location, as well as appraisal statistics.