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​National Survey of Mortgage Originations (NSMO) 

Public Use File


The Public Use File (PUF) is available in several formats. By ​downloading and using the following data files, you are acknowledging​ that you have read and agreed to the Notice of Monitoring and Terms of Service​

The following files available to download reflect the most updated NSMO data available, containing information on loans originated from 2013 through 2019.  The first version of this data was released on November 8, 2018, containing only loans originated through 2016. The first update was released on February 20, 2020, containing loans originated through 2017. The current version (which is the second update), was released on July 29, 2021, containing loans originated through 2019. This update made both prior versions redundant. 
CSV  (7/29/2021)
JSON (7/29/2021)
R  (7/29/2021)
SAS (binary)  (7/29/2021)
SAS (transport) (7/29/2021)
Stata (7/29/2021)​
XML (7/29/2021)​

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