Capital Under Conservatorship

Present Requirement

Disclosure of Capital Positions During Conservatorship

The Director has determined that it is prudent and in the best interests of the market to suspend capital classifications of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the conservatorship, in light of the United States Treasury's Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement.  FHFA will continue to closely monitor capital levels, but the existing statutory and FHFA-directed regulatory capital requirements will not be binding during the conservatorship.

During the conservatorship, FHFA will not issue a quarterly capital classification.  The Enterprises will continue to submit capital reports to FHFA during the conservatorship. Relevant capital figures (minimum capital requirement, core capital, and GAAP net worth) will be available in the Enterprises' quarterly 10-Q filings, as well as on FHFA's website to ensure market transparency.  FHFA does not intend to publish critical capital, risk-based capital, or subordinated debt levels during the conservatorship. 

Capital Disclosures Under Conservatorship (as of 2010 Q4)

Capital Disclosures Under Conservatorship (as of 5/31/12)