FHFA Inventory, Priorities and Schedule
Inventory, Priorities and Schedule. In compliance with the E-Government Act, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) posts a wide range of information on the agency’s website (www.fhfa.gov).  Information is posted as soon as practicable.  FHFA makes all non-sensitive agency information available to the public via its internet site at www.FHFA.gov.  Since all information is published as soon as it is available, there is no process for setting priorities.  FHFA strives to make information available as soon as possible, recognizing the agency’s responsibility for ensuring the information is accurate and complete. Questions regarding scheduled updates should be directed to FHFA Webmaster.

The following schedule lists publications posted on FHFA’s website and the respective scheduled updates.

Title/Web Page  Publication Area/ Subject 

Update Frequency 

ABOUT FHFA                 About FHFA  
Organization Chart FHFA Organizational Structure As Needed
Key Senior Staff  Key Senior Staff   Quarterly
FHFA Mission         FHFA Mission Statement As Needed  
FHFA FAQs About FHFA Semi-Annually 
Agency Plans and Reports About FHFA Annually
        Annual Report to Congress About FHFA Annually
        Buy American Reports Report Annually
        Budget, Performance and Accountability About FHFA Annually
                FHFA Strategic Plans Strategic Planning As Needed
                Performance (Plan) Budgets     Budget Annually
                FAIR Act Inventory Submissions FAIR Act Annually
                Information Quality & Peer Review Reports IQ & Peer Review As Needed
                    Inventory, Priorities and Schedules             Web Policies/Information As Needed  
                    Information Quality Guidelines Information Quality As Needed
                    Information Quality Annual Report     Information Quality Reporting Annually
                    Peer Review Agenda Peer Review Agenda Annually or As Needed  
                    Requests for Correction and Requests for Reconsideration (RFR) RFC and RFR Data Annually  
        Performance and Accountability Report  PAR Reports Annually
Careers at FHFA  Employment Opportunities As Needed
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Annually or as Needed
Doing Business With FHFA  Doing Business with FHFA As Needed
No FEAR Act Data   FHFA No Fear Act Data Quarterly or as Needed
FHFA FAQs About FHFA Semi-Annually
CAPITAL Capital  
Capital Under Conservatorship  Capital Under Conservatorship Quarterly 
Capital Prior to Conservatorship Capital Prior to Conservatorship Past Information/
No Updates Scheduled
        National Average HPI Data Files National HPI Data Files Quarterly  
Subordinated Debt Subordinated Debt Past Information/
No Updates Scheduled 
FHLBank Information   FHLBanks As Needed 
        FHLBank Districts About FHLBank Districts As Needed  
                FHLBank District Contact Information      FHLBank Contacts As Needed
        FHLBank Directors  FHLBank Directors Quarterly or As Needed  
        FHLBank Members FHLBank Members Quarterly or As Needed  
        Housing Community Investments Housing Community Investments    As Needed 
                Housing Programs Housing Programs  As Needed 
                Economic Development Programs  CICA Programs for Economic Development As Needed
                FHLBanks Advisory Council Reports & Community Lending Plans  FHLBanks Reporting & Community Lending Plans   Annually
                Community Support Program Community Support      Annually 
        FHLBank System Reporting FHLBank System Reporting As Needed    
                FHLBank Membership System (members only) FHLBank System Reporting  As Needed 
                Affordable Housing Program Database (approved users only)                  FHLBank System Reporting As Needed  
                Call Report System (approved users only)  FHLBank System Reporting  As Needed 
Fannie Mae  Link to Fannie Mae As Needed 
        Fannie Mae Charter Act  Fannie Charter         As Needed 
Freddie Mac  Link to Freddie Mac As Needed  
        Freddie Mac Charter Act          Freddie Charter As Needed  
House Price Data, Graphs and Charts  HPI Monthly and Quarterly
HPI Calculator  HPI Quarterly
Downloadable Data  HPI Monthly and Quarterly
HPI FAQs  HPI Quarterly 
HPI Release Dates  HPI Annually 
PUBLIC INFORMATION Public Information   
Agency Reports    
        Advisory Council Reports    As Available 
        Annual Housing Report   Annually  
        Collateral Securing Advances Reports    As Needed
        Enterprise Guarantee Fees Report   Annually  
        (Quarterly) Conservator’s Reports   Quarterly  
        FHFA Sustainability Plan    Annually  
        FHLB Securitization Reports    As Available
        Federal Property Manager’s Reports    Monthly  
        Foreclosure Prevention and Refinance Report    Monthly (and Quarterly)
        Refinance Report (see Foreclosure Prevention and Refinance Report)     
Consumer Information  Informational Links for Consumers Semi-Annually  
FHFA FAQs  FHFA FAQs (About FHFA) Semi-Annually 
FHFA FOIA  FHFA FOIA Activities As Needed 
        FOIA Reports  FHFA FOIA Reports Annually 
        FHFA Reading Room FHFA Reading Room Quarterly
                Advisory Bulletins    As Needed
                FOIA Electronic Reading Room Certification    Annually
                Final Opinions and Orders    As Needed 
                Frequently Requested Records    As Needed 
                Statements of Policy and Interpretations (Not Published in Federal Register   As Needed 
                Policy and Administrative Staff Manuals   As Needed 
                Frequently Requested Records    As Needed 
                Reports    As Needed 
FHFA Inventory, Priorities and Schedule    Annually or As Needed 
FHFA News Center  FHFA News & Information  
        News Releases   As Needed
        Congressional Letters   As Needed
        Testimonies & Speeches    As Needed 
        Statements    As Needed
        Media Advisories    As Needed
        Joint Mortgage Servicing Compensation Initiative   As Needed
        Request for Information:  REO Asset Disposition   As Needed
FHFA Records & Information Management  Records Management  
        RIM Policies   As Needed 
        RIM At-A-Glance   As Needed
        Record Schedules   Annually or As Needed
        RIM and NARA Publications    As Needed 
        RIM Laws & Statutes   As Needed
        RIM Quick Reference    As Needed
        RIM Training   Annually or As Needed 
        Records Management Forms   As Needed 
FHFA Privacy Program Privacy Act  
        FHFA Systems of Records Notices (SORNs)   As Needed 
        FHFA Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)    As Needed 
        FHFA Privacy Contacts    As Needed 
Other Links Other Information Semi-Annually  
Meetings & Hearings  News & Events As Needed
No FEAR Act data – see also OMWI/EEO page    Annually
RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS  Research & Analysis  
Housing Market Indicators    Semi-Annually
Market Data     
        Monthly Interest Rate Survey Data (MIRS)    Monthly  
        Updates to Single-Family Mortgages Originated and Outstanding     Annually or As Available
        Enterprise Share of Residential Mortgage Debt Outstanding    Annually or As Available  
        Current Data on Treasury and Federal Reserve Purchase Programs for 
        GSE and Mortgage-Related Securities 
  Monthly or As Available 
Research Papers   As Needed  
        Housing and Mortgage Markets   As Needed 
Staff Working Papers    As Needed 
Mortgage Market Notes    As Needed 
Plain Language  Plain Language As Needed 
Plain Language Report    Annually  
OPEN GOVERNMENT Open Government Annually 
Open Government Plan  Plans      Annually     
FHFA Data Sets Data/Research As Needed 
Regulations, Notices & Public Comments  Regulations, Notices and Comments As Needed 
Annual Report to Congress Annual Report Annually  
Supervision of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac    As Needed
         Conforming Loan Limit  Conforming Loan Limit Annually or As Needed 
FHFA Agency Guidance  Agency Guidance As Needed 
FHFA Regulatory Interpretations  Regulatory Interpretations As Needed 
FHFA Agency Actions Agency Actions As Needed 
       FHFA (and OFHEO) Legal Filings  Legal Filings                  As Needed
FHFA Opinions and Orders   Opinions and Orders  As Needed 
FHLBank Examination Manual Examination Manual As Needed 
Division of Enterprise Regulation Supervision Handbook  Supervision Handbook As Needed 
Laws  Laws As Needed  
OMWI page/EEO   OMWI/EEO Annually or As Needed 

Page last updated:  6/17/2013