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No-Action Letters, which were first issued in 1998, are written statements issued to a Federal Home Loan Bank or the Office of Finance providing that Federal Housing Finance Board staff will not recommend supervisory or other action to the Board of Directors for failure to comply with a specific provision of the Federal Home Loan Bank Act or a Finance Board rule, regulation, policy, or order, if the requester undertakes the proposed transaction or activity. The authority to issue, and the procedure for applying for, a No-Action Letter are found in sections 907.4, 907.6, and 907.7 of the Finance Board's Procedures regulation (12 C.F.R. §§ 907.4, 907.6, and 907.7). No-Action Letters are numbered in sequence by year with the prefix “NAL”, e.g., 2002-NAL-##.
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August 6 2002-NAL-06: Prepayment Fee Waiver Pertaining to Housing Corporation
June 28 2002-NAL-04: Documents and Other Records Lost in Connection With the Federal Home Loan Bank Headquarters’ Destruction on September 11, 2001
June 28 2002-NAL-05: Approval of New Business Activity Notice and No-Action Letter
March 11 2002-NAL-03: Failure to Comply With 12 C.F.R. § 950.11(a) Regarding Capital Stock Requirements Due to Circumstances Surrounding the Events of September 11, 2001
March 7 2002-NAL-01: Income Statement Waiver
March 7 2002-NAL-02: Income Statement Waiver
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