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Regulatory Interpretations, which were first issued in 1998, are written guidance issued by Federal Housing Finance Board staff with respect to application of the Federal Home Loan Bank Act or a Federal Housing Finance Board rule, regulation, policy, or order to a proposed transaction or activity. The authority to issue, and the procedure for applying for, a Regulatory Interpretation are found in sections 907.5, 907.6, and 907.7 of the Finance Board's Procedures regulation (12 C.F.R. §§ 907.5, 907.6, and 907.7). Regulatory Interpretations are numbered in sequence by year with the prefix “RI”, e.g., 1999-RI-##.
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July 25 2001-RI-07: Office of Finance Indemnification
May 22 2001-RI-06: Use of Residential Mortgage Loans Held by an Applicant Through a Repurchase Agreement Toward Satisfaction of the “10 Percent of Assets in Residential Mortgage Loans” Requirement For Federal Home Loan Bank Membership
May 3 2001-RI-05: Prospective Application of Monitoring Requirements and Use of Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Funds As “First-In” Money Under the AHP Regulation (Part 951)
April 30 2001-RI-04: Status as Core Mission Activities of FHA/VA Loans Acquired Under a Commitment Initiated On or Before April 12, 2000, if the Commitment is Extended Beyond Its One Year Term
March 29 2001-RI-03: Accounting Issues: Effects of SFAS Number 133 on Dividends and Affordable Housing Program Contributions
February 8 2001-RI-02: Determining Non-Mortgage Assets Ration Using An Average Monthly Basis
January 12 2001-RI-01: Authority of the Office of Finance to Reopen Consolidated Obligations
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