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Regulatory Interpretations, which were first issued in 1998, are written guidance issued by Federal Housing Finance Board staff with respect to application of the Federal Home Loan Bank Act or a Federal Housing Finance Board rule, regulation, policy, or order to a proposed transaction or activity. The authority to issue, and the procedure for applying for, a Regulatory Interpretation are found in sections 907.5, 907.6, and 907.7 of the Finance Board's Procedures regulation (12 C.F.R. §§ 907.5, 907.6, and 907.7). Regulatory Interpretations are numbered in sequence by year with the prefix “RI”, e.g., 1999-RI-##.
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December 21 1999-RI-22: Applicability of Newly Enacted Statutory Annual Director Compensation Caps in 1999
December 17 1999-RI-21: Equity Investment in Brownfields Site Redevelopment Project
December 9 1999-RI-20: Application of Newly Enacted Statutory Five-Year Waiting Period to Institutions Seeking to Reapply For Federal Home Loan Bank Membership
December 1 1999-RI-19: Multifamily Mortgage Loan Purchase
October 27 1999-RI-18: Determining Non-Mortgage Investment Ratio Using an Average Monthly Basis
October 26 1999-RI-17: Standby Bond Purchase Agreements With State Housing Finance Agencies
October 8 1999-RI-16: Treatment of Retention Periods for Affordable Housing Program Lease-Purchase Projects
October 6 1999-RI-15: Targeted Mortgage Purchase Program
August 27 1999-RI-14: Questions on the Revised Affordable Housing Program Regulation
July 21 1999-RI-13: Redesignation of Principal Place of Business
July 9 1999-RI-12: Eligibility of Guaranteed Student Loans to be Accepted as Government Securities Collateral for Federal Home Loan Bank Advances
May 5 1999-RI-11: Subsidy Calculations for Affordable Housing Program Subsidized Advances
April 7 1999-RI-10: Sequential Participations
April 6 1999-RI-09: Proposed Federal Home Loan Bank Capital Stock Redemption Fee Option
March 16 1999-RI-08: Federal Home Loan Bank Authority to Accept Eligible Collateral From a Member’s Real Estate Investment Trust Subsidiary
March 3 1999-RI-07: Federal Home Loan Bank Authority to Issue Standby Letters of Credit in Conjunction With Tax-Exempt Bonds or Notes, Including School Construction Bonds
February 26 1999-RI-06: Use of a Rider In Connection With Affordable Housing Program Projects and Nonliability For Repayment of Affordable Housing Program Subsidies
February 25 1999-RI-05: Affordable Housing Program Questions and Answers Part 2
January 26 1999-RI-02: Investment in Federal Housing Administration Small Project Loans Under the Financial Management Policy
January 26 1999-RI-03: Demonstrating the Need For Affordable Housing Program Subsidy for Owner-Occupied Projects With Sponsor-Provided Permanent Financing
January 26 1999-RI-04: Homeownership Set-Aside Programs Under the Affordable Housing Program Regulation
January 14 1999-RI-01: Affordable Housing Program Certifier Fees
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