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General Counsel Opinions are written statements advising the Board of Directors and other Finance Board officials and the Federal Home Loan Banks, Federal Home Loan Bank members, the Office of Finance, and other individuals or entities, as necessary, on interpretations of law, regulation, or policy. General Counsel Opinions are numbered in sequence by year with the prefix “GC”, e.g., 2001-GC-##.
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October 28 1998-GC-14: Standby Letters of Credit
October 16 1998-GC-13: Effect of the Statutory Purpose Limitation in Section 11(h) of the Federal Home Loan Bank Act on Federal Home Loan Bank Authority to Invest in a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC)
September 18 1998-GC-12: Meaning of the Term “Insurance Company” Under Section 4(a) of the Federal Home Loan Bank Act
September 17 1998-GC-10: Issues Concerning Federal Home Loan Bank Mortgage Partnership Finance Programs
September 17 1998-GC-11: Conditional Membership Approvals Under the FHFB Membership Regulation for De Novo Insured Depository Institutions
July 9 1998-GC-09: Implementation of a Federal Home Loan Bank’s Federal Housing Administration Rent-to-Own Purchase Program
June 10 1998-GC-07: Proposed Affordable Housing Program Subsidized Cooperative Share Loan Program
June 10 1998-GC-08: Monitoring Requirements for Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program Set-Aside Homeownership Programs
June 9 1998-GC-06: Whether Limited Obligation Mortgage Revenue Bonds Are Direct Obligations For Purposes of Section II.B.11. of the Financial Management Policy
April 9 1998-GC-05: Incorporation of Affordable Housing Program Regulation Recapture Provisions Into Retention/Recapture Agreements for Certain Owner-Occupied Units
March 16 1998-GC-04: Whether a Federal Home Loan Bank May Accept 100 Percent Participation Interests Owned by a Member’s Second-Tier REIT Subsidiary in As Collateral for Advances Under Section 10(a) of the Federal Home Loan Bank Act
February 27 1998-GC-03: Application of Median Income Standard by a Federal Home Loan Bank
February 19 1998-GC-02: Use of Community Investment Program (CIP) Advances by Members to Finance CIP-Eligible Loans by Third Parties
January 21 1998-GC-01: Status of State and Local Mortgage Revenue Bonds and of SBA Certificates Under the Financial Management Policy
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