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General Counsel Opinions are written statements advising the Board of Directors and other Finance Board officials and the Federal Home Loan Banks, Federal Home Loan Bank members, the Office of Finance, and other individuals or entities, as necessary, on interpretations of law, regulation, or policy. General Counsel Opinions are numbered in sequence by year with the prefix “GC”, e.g., 2001-GC-##.
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August 26 1993-GC-04: Commercial Lending Authority of Federally Chartered Savings Associations
August 26 1993-GC-05: Transfer of Stock From a Federal Home Loan Bank Member to a Nonmember
July 6 1993-GC-03: Interpretation of Section 10(b) of the Federal Home Loan Bank Act
March 30 1993-GC-02: Application of the Non-Qualified Thrift Lender Provisions in the Federal Home Loan Bank Act to Insurance Company Members
February 11 1993-GC-01: Application of the Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act to Federal Home Loan Bank Staff
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